EPDM roof on a garage.

This garage roof was in good condition but the client just wanted a new roof before it leaked, so we replaced with one sheet of EPDM rubber 

New roof with two sky lanterns.

A new warm deck roof fitted on this single story extention consisting of 8x2 timber, 120mm insulaton sandwiched between two layers of 18mm ply with two large lanters.

“Amazing roofing company, quick, efficient and tidy workmanship”

Susan from Flitwick

Fibreglass to a new roof with two sky lanterns.

Flexitec 2020 GRP to finish this extension roof to give it a nice flat finish that will be water proof for years to come.

Loft conversion roof covered in EPDM.

this loft converson roof was covered in one peice of EPDM for a leak free 20 year guaranteed roof