We are a Bedfordshire based Flat Roofing company. We are qualified and approved installers of EPDM and GRP roofing systems. 

Were not a large company and can therefore offer you a great service with quality materials as standard.  Committed to providing a personal and professional service we can undertake domestic or commercial repairs or new roofs.

Whatever roofing service you require we will provide you with a free site survey with a no obligation quotation. 

All our roofing jobs carry a 10-25 year Guarantee.



EPDM is often referred to as rubber roofing due to it’s texture, durability and look. it is used as an option for roof coverings as it has little to no maintenance, durable, flame-free installations, and has a high tolerance to heat and snow.

It’s convenient that one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world also produces EPDM roofing membranes. While EPDM isn’t rubber, it’s a synthetic material that acts like rubber as far as resisting punctures and tearing. However, its ability to keep from drying out, over saturating and cracking due to extreme heat far surpasses the performance of rubber.


The first flexible GRP roofing system with full overlay capabilities. The main benefit of GRP roofing is the flexibility of the roof and watertight properties of the fibreglass. 

The material is so watertight that it’s used to build things such asboats, canoes, bathtubs etc. Once the roof is finished it makes a completely sealed surface with no joins, or weak spots for water to Ingres.

GRP roofs are environmentally friendly and do not require heat to install.

If your required to walk on your roof (like most balconies or some garage roofs), we can add a non-slip texture.


If your roof has past its life time then we can strip and rebuild it, including all joists and insulation. In this way we can give you peace of mind that your new roof is safe and ready for many years to come.

Fascias, Soffits & Gutter Replacements

If your roof is in good condition but the fascias need replacing, we are able to install new fascias, soffits and guttering systems.